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Univista Insurance has become one the fastest growing Insurance Agency in South Florida. This has been possible thanks to the quality customer service provided, the professionalism and knowledge of our employees and the excellent discounts offered on Car, Motorcicle, Home, Comercial, Truck, Boats insurance in Miami! UniVista Insurance has revolutionized the way insurance is sold in Miami, offering great prices with prestigious companies and no upfront fees. The main product for UniVista Insurance without doubt is “Auto Insurance” this has established Univista Insurance in South Florida market and has widened our coverage to homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance and health insurance.
A house is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Homeowners insurance is therefore essential to protecting your investment against the possibility of calamity and the ensuing financial disaster. You merely buy a house but you can lose your home and Univista Insurance recognizes the difference.

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